Team Shortbuss

Upcoming Events 2011
SEPS (South Eastern Paintball Series)

Event#1 - March 12th @ N-tense Sports   1st Prelims, 2nd Finals

Event#8 - October 8th @ Asylum Paintball

MSXL Sept 3rd @ Asylum Paintball

Local Events

Urban Splat Winter Classic 3-man 1/7/11 - 2nd Place

Urban Splat 4-man 2/6/11 - 4th Place

Looking for an event check out:

SEPS  (SouthEastern Paintball Series)

PSP  (Paintball Sports Promotions)

MSXL  (MidSouth X-ball League)

2010 Highlights

3/13/10 - SEPS #1 NTense Sports - Prelims 2nd, Finals 4th

4/17/10 - SEPS #2 Yellow Jacket Paintball - Prelims 5th

5/15/10 - SEPS #3 Asylum Paintball - Prelims 1st, Finals 2nd

6/12/10 - SEPS #4 AXPS - 1st Place Finish

9/18/10 - SEPS #7 Gateway Action Sports 1st Place Finish

10/16/10 - SEPS #8 Asylum Paintball 2nd Place Finish

2009 Highlights

1/10/2009 - Diehard 2 man open tourny -  1st,  3rd and 7th

1/24/09- Diehard 2 man open tourney 2- 2nd

2/15/09- 7th annual Hell Froze Over  3 man,  took 1st and 4th

3/21/09-------2 man open #1 - 1st and 3rd 

3/28/09-------2 man open #2 - 2nd and 3rd

3/15/09 - 6/19/09 PPC 5man Series Finished 4th overall after 5 events.

4/1/09--------2 man open #3 -1st and 2nd

6/20/09------Father/Son Tournament Shortbuss placed in 1st and 2nd.

7/18/09------1st in 2 man series at Diehard Paintball.

7/25/09------2nd in 2 man series at Diehard Paintball.

2008 Highlights

Diehard 3 man winter series #3 as the new team shortbuss, took 2nd place. Tom, Daniel, Derek. This was on 1/6/08.

Diehard 2 man young guns, Daniel and Derek took 2nd, Jeff and Patrick took 3rd. This was on 1/19/08.

Diehard target shoot, Jeff and Daniel were able to take 2 medals for 3rd and 4th. This was 3/1/08.

Diehard two man open Daniel and Tom took 1st, This was on 3/15/08

\Top gun tournament   Tom took 1st and Daniel took 2nd. This was on 4/5/08

5 man open tourney, we came in 5th

 2 man open tourney, Tom and Brian took 1st, Daniel and Jeff took 2nd, Brad and came in 4th. his was on 7/12/08

Past Events:

3/30/08 Diehard 5-man BYOP placed 5th

7/27/08 Diehard Hotter than Hell placed 5th

1/10/09 Diehard 2-man series #1 placed 1st and 2nd

1/24/09 Diehard 2-man series #2 placed 1st and 2nd

4/04/09 Diehard 2-man series #3 placed 1st and 2nd

2/15/09 Diehard Hell Froze Over 3-man placed 1st, 2nd and 5th